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$3,600 AUD

Code:  ASGTHLG1901

Artist: Tegan Hamilton and Lisa Geertsen

Title: 'This Sky'

Size: (HxWxD) -38x31x15cm

Year: 2019

This piece was a beautiful collaboration which was born out of mutual adoration of similar themes of both Hamilton's and Geertsen's practices. The artists in a studio in Seattle, Washington and formed an instant connection. The heat of the process appeals to both artists, as they transform their materials in the glow and warmth of the studio. 



$2,000 AUD

Code: ASGTH0907

Artist: Tegan Hamilton

Title: 'Anatomy IV'

Size: (HxWxD) - 31x19x9cm

Year: 2009


The fluidity of the glass mirrors the fluctuating nature of the body. The state of the body is perpetually in flux, with fluids constantly being pumped around the body and cells dying and regenerating. My work reflects a need to understand the anatomical structure and space of the body. The fragmented, segmented body is significant in the field of anatomy and relevant to my work. The medical gaze maps the interior body, the once invisible and unchartered.


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