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‘For me, it’s all about connecting the spiritually deep and rich history of the oldest culture in the world, with the amenities and anticipation of a cohesive and unified future. It’s about family, maintaining connection with my ancestors, telling stories of the land, repping my mob and giving our next generation a educational way forward. When you have your culture, you know who you are.’

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$5,000 AUD

Code: ASGS-TKSK-20003

Artist: Tarisse King & Sarrita King

Title: My Country's Story III

Medium: Sculpture, Metal, Patina, Black & Silver

Size: 99x55x12cm

Year: 2020

With this sculpture Tarisse & Sarrita wanted to translate their collaboration ‘My Country’s Story’ into a 3D object. The choice to use metal is a reflection on the strength and longevity of the Australian Indigenous culture and the stories passed down over the centuries. The natural tarnish & rust is a reflection of the age of the markings and long history of these stories. 

TK&SK | My Country’s Story

This style is a collaborative combining Tarisse’s My Country style and Sarrita’s Language of the Earth style. The painting shows the tearing away of the land, specifically areas around Katherine to reveal the Earth’s story. The history of the land where we come from connects us to our family, our culture and all living things. Sarrita seeks to express her impression of the land and some of its stories. The symbols within the painting are patterns for the viewer to connect with but the layout of the painting has its own story.

Tarisse King | My Country

Driven to map the country around Katherine, where her ancestors once walked, Tarisse depicts land formations such as rivers, rock holes, billabongs, shelters, tracks and food sources.  In this series, Tarisse visually explores the way her ancestors interacted and lived with the environment.

Tarisse composes traditional Aboriginal iconography in sharp white lines, circles, arcs and dots often upon a single colour canvas to create a bold aesthetic that has a foot in the contemporary art aesthetic and the traditional.  Song lines that ancestors once walked run across the canvas in different directions, the spaces created by this are filled with concentric circles representing different family clans or ‘life forces’, symbols for food and shelter.  Well balanced, the canvas has a graphic look and a contemporary feel, indicative of Tarisse’s ability to make the ancient appear new.

Sarrita King | Language of the Earth

This is the earth’s story. It is also the story of black and white upon the land and the history we have created and carved into it by our interactions with one another. The intersections of black and white culture and how they meet, creating a narrative in the land and in history, and then moving on in their individual and collaborative journeys are abstractly depicted. These paintings thematically diverge from Sarrita’s elemental inspired series. In an abstract way Sarrita references the iconography of the Tingari creation ancestors with her use of strong rectangles. These are then given body with dots and dashes, similar to Morse code. These symbols of communication are haunting in their familiarity, like an ancient language that was once known but now sits dormant at the back of one’s memory. The overall aesthetic is bold and assertive, and just like much iconography in Aboriginal cultures, the ancient now appears contemporary.



$180 AUD
40x40cm 60x60cm 90x90cm 120x120cm


Code: ASGDRTK2001

Artist: Tarisse King

Title: Earth Cycles

Medium: Archival inks on 320gm cotton rag art paper

Size: 4 preselected sizes or contact us for a custom size

Original Artwork: Earth Cycles | 120x120cm | 2012

 Drawing on the teachings of her influential father, Tarisse recalls the philosophy he taught her – that everything in life is circular. There is no beginning and no end. Unlike her sister, Sarrita who paints the same thematic in thick textured paint, Tarisse uses thin, flat paint sticking within the tonal variations of one colour. She creates a refined and sophisticated look and the colours of yellow, pink or blue construct a modern design. The repetition of the circle across the canvas refers to her father’s philosophy but is completed with such preciseness that it aesthetically resembles the accuracy of a print.

Material Details | Cotton Rag Art Paper

  • Paper Ageing Resistance certified ISO 9706 (FograCert 28681)
  • Sihl Masterclass 320gsm Textured is our flagship 100% cotton rag - French made Cold Press style textured art paper - Acid and Lignen free - Most popular with artists.
  • This Cotton Rag has a high archival ratingand is printed with 12 colour Canon Lucia EX pigment Inks and will last over 100 years without fading if displayed correctly.

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