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Emu Feathers

Code: ASGRWP20005

Artist: Raymond Walters Penangke

Title: Emu Feathers

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Size: 120x180cm

Year: 2020

Emu Dreaming - Story

This painting depicts the feathers of the Ankerre (Emu).

During the Jukurrpa (Dreamtime) many Ankerre (Emu) travelled across the Central Australian region from the Western Desert to the East, many of them perished, leaving behind significant sites and stories. During their long journey one of the Ankerre went searching for food, a bush tucker, called Kutjuta (Bush Tomato). The Ankerre came across an old Ahltora (Bush Turkey) in Ngarleyekwerleng grass plains, my Grandfathers country. The Ankerre asked the Ahltora if he had any Kutjuta, the Ahltora replied that he had only dry, tasteless bush tucker. The Ankerre was too tired to travel and so he stayed around, waiting for the Ahltora to wander away.
When the Ahltora flew away in the evening the Ankerre searched the area where he had seen the Ahltora earlier. As he walked around he came across a big tree and behind the tree was a deep trench filled with bush tucker, Kutjuta. The Ankerre tasted one of the Kutjuta and it was sweet and delicious. The Ahltora returned and found the Ankerre eating his hidden store of Kutjuta. They started to argue and began to fight. The Ankerre tried to hit the Ahltora with his wing and missed, hitting, and splitting a Kutjuta and spreading the rest around, creating Ngarleyekwerleng.
Sacred sites and special ceremonial places belong to this story in Ngarleyekwerleng. The trench, the large stones (Kutjuta) and the split stone (Kujuta) caused by the Ankerre have formed the landscape around my country, Ngarleyekwerleng.