'Earth Cycles' | 67x60x42cm
'Earth Cycles' | 67x60x42cm
William King Jungala

'Earth Cycles' | 67x60x42cm

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Artist: William King

Title: Earth Cycles

Medium: Sculpture, Metal, Bronze Enamel

Size: 67x60x42cm

Year: 2020

The choice to use metal is a reflection on the strength and longevity of the Australian Indigenous culture and the stories passed down over the centuries. The rust is a reflection of the age of the markings and long history of these stories.

William King | Earth Cycles

This artwork 'Earth Cycles' is inspired by arguable the most significant iconic shape in all cultures, that is the circle; with nature’s greatest circle being the sun, “life giver to all”. William says, ‘The sun sings its own song, dances through the sky. Endless in its celebration, it warms me to the soul and reminds me of my ancient connection to it and all things around me’. William believes he is privileged to be able to wake up everyday at sunrise; a brand new day and see the glory of the sun, the closest representation of God in all things on earth.