Tarisse King | Kid's T-Shirt | Waji
Tarisse King | Kid's T-Shirt | Waji
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Tarisse King | Kid's T-Shirt | Waji

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Artist: Tarisse King 

Title: Kid's Tee | Waji

Medium: 100% Cotton

Year: 2021

Artwork Story:

"Waji translates to rainbow from Gurindji language. This Ally Friendly t-shirt represents how I want my children to remember their childhood. If a warm, happy, energy could be encapsulated in a symbol, I'd choose a rainbow. We want your little karu (child)to wear this with pride. The rainbow icon has been used for centuries by my ancestors and still today in the contemporary world. It's a perfect way to represent my culture and educate the next generation on inclusivity."

Tarisse King